What is bither faucet and how you can sign up for it? 6 0

Last updated on May 07, 2019 12:53 in Bither.one
Posted By Shayan

Bither platform project (https://bitherplatform.io) has created Bither faucet (https://bither.one) to have more interaction with cryptocurrency communities and present Bither to interested communities and introduce Bither to eager users. People who are interested to gain more Bither, can join our ICO and in addition to gaining BTR, they can gain two other worthy tokens called BTR & BSK.

ICO participation link: https://bitherplatform.io


-first, you should enter Bitherplatform website (https://bitherplatform.io)

-click on sign up button

-enter your Email address. (note that the Email address should be valid and you should have access to it. Because you should verify it. Also to withdraw your coins and register your ethereum address, you are going to need access to your Email, so you’re able to verify it.

-choose a proper password (it should contain capital and small letters, numbers and special characters)

-retype your password in the next field.

-if you have entered this page via invitation link, the link will be shown in this section. If not, you can mention your introducer.

-after reading our terms and conditions, you have to check its box and after that, check the recaptcha box.

-click on the sign up button.

-an Email containing your verification link will be sent to your Email. Click on the link to verify your Email. After that you will be redirected to our website.

Congratulation, you can now start your activities in our website.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone