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Last updated on Apr 13, 2019 07:22 in Bithrplatform.io
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bither platform is a new three layered structure in the blockchain world . in this platform, reliable masternodes control the network and gain 10% of every miner's income and the miners, in addition to mining the main coin, will benefit from all defined coins in the bither's independent second blockchain layer( multi mining).

ICO process in bither platform is designed in a way to give maximum profit to the participants. by participating in ICO,in addition to gaining the main coin (BTR), participants will gain another worthy coin called BSK and a token called BRP.

by acquiring 3000 BTR coins,in addition to enjoying many of bither platform benefits, investors can act as masternodes and gain 10% of all mining income.

BSK( Bither Stock) owners can enjoy a lifetime income paid in BRP.

BRP( Bither Rental Processor) is the common currency in bither stock network and can be used to rent hash power.


-to support the users who participate in the first two hours of the crowdsale, Bither platform has considered amazing bonuses for them. you can read about these bonuses in the link below:


-If anyone introduces new investors to the bither platform, the platform will give them 6% of their investment's worth in BSK and BRP as referral commision.

You can use the address below and get access to  your referral link in your user panel and share it with your friends:


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