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Last updated on Apr 19, 2019 11:53
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Step One: Create an Ethereum wallet and buy ETH.


Section One:
To create an Ethereum account, download MEWconnect app from these links:


Android: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myetherwallet.mewconnect

After the installation, open it and click on “CREATE NEW WALLET”

Choose your password and then confirm it:  


Now, your ETH wallet is ready. Backup your private key by clicking on “BACK UP” and put it to a safe place.

To send and receive your tokens, go to MyEtherwallet website and Click on “Access My Wallet”.

From left menu, choose MEWconnect.

At this time, open MEWconnect app in your mobile and scan the displayed QR code.

After a moment you will enter your wallet and can send and receive your coins.

From now, you can hold your ETH in your wallet. To buy ETH you can use This form.

Step Two: Create your account on Bither Platform website from this link:


Enter your email and choose your password. Read terms and tick the agreement. Do the captcha and then click on “Sign Up”.


Go to your email and activate your sign up by clicking on the confirmation link you received and then go to this link: https://bitherplatform.io/login

Step Three: KYC process

Go to this link:


Enter all required information carefully and click on “Submit”.

Note: Enter here your Ethereum address


After your KYC has confirmed and approved, the “Buy token” page will open for you.

Step Four: Go to “Buy token” page and send your ETH.

Go to this link:

Copy the considered smart contract address and make deposit your ETH from your wallet to this address.

After the deposit, you will receive two tokens: Bither (BTR) and Rental Processor (BRP) in your MyEtherWallet account and you have your Bither Stock (BSK) tokens in your user account on Bither Platform website.


** The time is base on America/New_York timezone